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I began dancing at the age of two and continued through high school, studying ballet at Pat Brown School of Dance in Jackson Tennessee. Throughout these years, I was constantly drawing, choreographing dances no one ever saw, writing, and finding ways to create every chance I could. I continued this multidisciplinary creativity by studying art therapy at Union University where I had the opportunity to try various art mediums including photography, sculpture, ceramics, and painting; all while teaching at a local dance studio. Through this experience, I began to find my art influenced my choreography, and my dancing, my art. After graduating, I moved to Nashville Tennessee where I began dancing with The Dancer Project Conservatory and began traveling with Groove Dance Competition as a photographer. I currently work as a dance photographer, artist, guest teacher, as well as a teaching artist with Turnip Green Creative Reuse. 

I love finding moments where different art forms interact and how the feeling and purpose of a technique from one medium can be translated to another. In the many mediums I work in, I finds myself drawn to creating imagery with a sense of movement; often finding that flowing organic lines fill my compositions and serenely draw the viewer’s eye through every piece.

Let's create movement together.

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